Where are you from?
Where do you come from?
What is your nationality?

All these are Questions we ask to know a person’s homeland, identity and origins. It’s a part of the ritual of making friends. We’re curious that’s why we ask questions, a lot of questions.

Today’s lesson is to answer these questions. Where are you from? & Where do you come from? both have the same meaning. We can answer these questions like this:

‘I come from the United States of America’ 
 ‘I am from the United States of America’.

Read and practice with a friend.

David: Hello Susan!
Susan: Hi David!
David: Where are you from Susan?
Susan: I’m from Nebraska. And you David? Where are you from?
David: I’m from Kansas City.
Susan: Wow! we are neighbours.
David: Yes dear Susan, we are neighbours.


We say:

  • I’m American.
  • I’m from The United States of America.
  • I come from The United States of America.