What do you do? What is your job? What do you do for living?

We’re sociable by nature. We’re always glad to  meet a new person. And the best way to get to know people is to learn what they do for living.

Read the dialogue and practice with a friend.

A: What do you do?
B: I am a farmer. I Sow the seeds, Irrigate the crops,Harvest the yield and I have a herd of sheep and cows. I love nature and calm.

C: I am a judge. I’m in charge of the court proceedings, I ensure the trial procedures are fair, and I explain and interpret the laws.

D: I am a general practitioner. I take care of patients, diagnose diseases, give
prescriptions and heal the wounded. I love my job.

E: I’m a staff accountant and I reconcile bank statements to the company’s book, I prepare property tax returns.

F: I am a waitress. I greet customers, fill drinks and food orders, and fulfill customer requests.

G: I am a cashier. I usually have various duties to preform. Some of them
being ringing up items that someone is buying and taking money and giving change.

H: I am a Police detective. I interview suspects, witnesses, and victims as I try to piece together the story of how the crime that I am investigating occurred.

I: I am a Basketball Player. I train for hours in a day… for like 3 or 4 hours. I train with a coach and a team and I play against other teams.