Means of transport refer to the different types of transport facilities that are used to transport people or goods. Below is a list of the most common means of transport.

Types of means of transport:

Air means of transport:

They are means of transport that move in the air using vehicles like planes, hot-air balloons and anything else that can sustain flight depending on calculating the wind speed and other weather conditions.

For example:







Rail means of transport:

They are means of transport that move by way of wheeled vehicles running on rail track.

For example:



Road means of transport:

They are means of transport that move by way of heeled vehicles running on roads. Roads may be defined as identifiable routes or what we may call streets.

For example:






Water means of transport:

They are means of transport that move over a body of water, such as a sea, ocean, lake, canal or river.

For example:






Some means of Transport list organized alphabetically:
A) Aircraft carrier, Air plane, Ambulance, Auto-mobile

B) Balloon, Beach buggy, Bicycle, Bike, , Boat, Bomber, Boxcar, Buggy, Bulldozer.

C) Cab, Cable car, Caisson, Camion, Camper, Canoe, Car, Caravan, Cargo ship, Carriage, Carrier, Cart, Coach, Container ship, Craft, Cruiser, Cycle.D) Dive-bomber, Dog-sled, Dragster, Dray, Dune buggyE) Eighteen-wheeler, Elevated, Express train

F) Feet, Ferry, Fire engine, Fishing boat, Float.G) Garbage truck, Golf cart, Gondola.H) Hay wagon, Helicopter, Hot-air balloon, Houseboat, Hovercraft, Hydroplane iceboat.

I) Inflatable boat, ice skate, ice breaker.

J) Jet, Jumbo jet, Junk.

K) Kayak, Ketch.

L) Landau, Lift, Limousine, Locomotive, Lorry.

M) Mobile home, Monorail, Moped, Motorbike, Motorcycle, Mountain bike.

N) Narrow boat, navy ships.

O) Ocean liner, Off-road vehicle, Omnibus, oil tanker.

P) Paddle wheeler, Paddy wagon, Passenger train, Patrol car, Pick-up, Pram.

Q) Quad bike

R) Racing car, Raft, Row boat, RV.

S) Sail boat, Scooter, Seaplane, Sedan, Ship, Stroller, Submarine, Subway.

T) Tandem bike, Tanker, Taxi, Ten-speed, Tricycle, Trolley, Truck.

U) Ultra-light, Underground, Unicycle.

V) Van, Vehicle, Vessel.

W) Wagon, Water wagon, Wrecker.

X) Xebec

Y) Yacht, Yawl

Z) Zeppelin