Talking about the weather: What is the weather like tonight?

 In this lesson we’ll learn how to ask questions about the weather and how they should be answered. We’ll also discover how to describe weather using some verbs and adjectives.

To ask about the weather, we say:

  • What is it like outside?
  • How is the weather?
  • Do you have rain?
  • What is the temperature in Paris, right now?
  • It’s snowing here, how is it doing there?
  • What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?

To describe the weather, we say:

  • it’s + an adjective: It’s warm.
  • It’s + an adjective + a noun: it’s a warm night.
  • It’s + verb + ing: It’s raining.


It’s + an adjective: A description of the weather.

  • It’s very hot and humid tonight.
  • It’s cold and terrible here.
  • It’s sunny today.

It’s + an adjective + a noun : A description of the day or part of the day.

  • It’s a wonderful evening.
  • It’s a cold afternoon.
  • It’s a normal day.

It’s + verb+ ing : A description of the actual forecast/ this type of weather is happening now.

  •  It’s raining dogs and cats.
  • It’s snowing.
  • It’s drizzling outside.

Adjectives to describe weather: