Sustainable development is an issue of concern to the governments of the world.
– what is sustainable development
– why do we have to talk about it?
– why is it so important?
– what are the pillars of sustainable development?
– what shall we do to have a stable sustainable development?

Sustainable development means development that meets the needs of the present inhabitants without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.This development is based mainly on reconciliation between development and preservation of the environment to continue its bid for future generations.

All too often “sustainability” is seen as an ending/ goal, but it is not. It is a hard process in ITSELF.

In this process, we must build a solid nation on three solid pillars:

1/ The social dimension: unemployment, local and regional development, healthcare and wealth, social cohesion, distribution services, etc..

2/ The economic dimension: economic development, competitiveness, economic growth, innovation and industrial development, etc..
3/ The environmental dimension: preserve the beauty of nature, the quality of
 water, air, soil and climate change, biodiversity, etc.

It is of public notoriety that What happens in one place at one time can affect what happens somewhere else immediately or in the future.