The Lamb & The Wolf

Once upon a time, there was a very nice little lamb playing and grazing with a flock of sheep. The little lamb was so hungry that it wandered far from its friends. It was happy with the taste of the yummy grass, so it got separated from the flock and went far unaware of the danger of the surrounding woods.

And while our little lamb was eating the green fresh grass, a naughty hungry wolf was just some trees behind following it. And when the lamb realized that it went far from the group, it turned to go back, but found itself face to face with the hungry wolf.

The poor lamb asked the wolf: ‘Do you want to eat me?’
The wolf answered: ‘Yes, I do!’

The lamb, then, said: ‘But, I have just finished eating and my stomach is full of grass. If you eat me now, you will fall sick.’

The wolf said: ‘Ok, little lamb. I will wait for you until you digest your grass.’

The lamb thinking fast how to save itself from this situation added: ‘Thank you sir. You’re so nice.’

After sometime, the wolf got ready to kill lamb, but the lamb stopped him.

‘Dear wolf, please wait for some more time. The grass is yet to get digest. If you eat me now, you will taste just grass! Let me sing and dance and it will be digested quickly.’

The wolf willing to enjoy a delicious meal agreed. The little lamb danced madly and wisely and moved the steps towards the grazing land. Suddenly the lamb stopped singing and dancing.

The wolf asked the lamb what happened.The smart lamb answered: ‘See, remove this bell knotted to my neck and ring it as hard as you can, so that I will dance faster and the food will digest very sooner.’

The greedy wolf, with the desire to eat the lamb removed the bell and rang it hastily. In the meantime, the shepherd was looking for the little lamb and heard the bell sound. He saw the wolf and the lamb. He ran towards wolf with a stick. Seeing the angry shepherd with a stick, the wolf ran away, and the lamb was saved!

Today’s moral:

to have a strong mind set is sometimes better than having strong muscles.

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