The Fox and Stork

Quite a long time ago, there was an extremely shrewd fox who constantly needed to trick and hoodwink others with its horrendous and doltish acts. The fox used to trick others with its subtle personality. He used to act with different creatures sweetly to make himself dependable.
One day he attempted to trick and mess around with a stork. He become friends with the stork and picked up the trust.
The fox acted like a decent companion and watched over the stork. One day, he welcomed the stork to have a banquet with him and he needed to treat his companion with tasty nourishment. The nice stork accepted the invitation with great pleasure.
The fox guaranteed to offer rich and heavenly nourishment for the stork. Considering the tasty supper proposed by the fox, the stork stayed eager for the entire day.

The shrewd fox took the stork to his home. He apologised to the stork that he couldn’t make anything because of his ailment and offered some soup. The stork albeit baffled and was content with the soup.

The shrewdness fox offered the soup in a shallow dish. The stork was dazed to have the soup in the shallow vessel! The long bill of the stork forestalled it to take the soup. As the fox effortlessly licked the soup from the plate, the stork lacked the capacity even taste a bit of the soup. It hardly touched the soup with the tip of its bill.

The Fox asked the stork, ‘How is the soup? Don’t you like it?’ The Hungry stork answered, ‘Gracious it is great, yet I have a stomach-ache and I can’t take any longer soup!’
‘I’m sad for disturbing you’, said the fox.  The stork answered, ‘Gracious dear, kindly don’t say too bad. I have some well being issue and can’t appreciate what you offer. It would be ideal if you deal with your well being.’

She cleared out the spot thanking the fox!

In any case, the stork comprehended that it was conned by the fox and chose to give him a lesson.
After a couple of days, the fox met the stork again and chose to play an alternate trick on the stork. This time it was the stork’s turn. The stork respected the fox joyfully and welcomed to pay a return visit to have a supper.
The fox was cheerful and they chose a date to have the supper. The Stork asked the fox’s most loved nourishment and offered to cook the same for the supper.
The day arrived and the fox arrived at the stork’s spot. The stork served soup to the fox and requested that him have soup first.

The soup was served in a limited jug with a long-neck. The stork had the capacity to drink the soup effortlessly with its long bill, however the fox proved unable.

The stork asked the fox to appreciate the soup. Also demonstrated a few scrumptious dishes in since quite a while ago necked containers. The baffled fox said, ‘My stomach is exceptionally tormenting. I’m leaving now’ and left the spot running.
Today’s moral:
A good turn deserves another.

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