School Life Problems: Problems That NEVER Go Away. What to do?

School brutality is a subcategory of youth brutality, a broader public health problem.  Brutality, aggression or violence are the deliberate use of physical force or power,  against another person, group, or community, with the behaviour likely to cause corporal or mental harm.

Youth Violence typically includes young people between the ages of 10 and 24, although pathways to youth violence can begin in early childhood. After watching on TV the news  of school shootings, teachers slaughtering or other violence, it’s natural for students and teachers — no matter how old they are or where they go to school — to worry about whether this kind of event may sooner or later happen to them.

  • Lack of discipline.
  • Rules have gone by the wayside.
  • Public schools are falling into the non-competition trap.
  • Fear of going to school non-attendance without permission (truancy).
  • Dropping out.
  • Academic underachievement.

Brutality inside our classrooms and schools:


Examples of violent behaviour include: 

  • Hostility (e.g., punching, slapping, kicking).
  • Harassment.
  • Weapon use.
  • Electronic aggression.
  • Gang violence.
  • School violence

Reasons for violent attitude among teenagers:

  • Ambiance of the house- if the children are not getting proper environment in the home then they  tend to become violent. If they see that their parents are fighting and beating each other, then they also learn the same.
  • Depression- if a youngster is in depression then also he /she can become aggressive and can demonstrate this aggression in school.
  • Weapons- in this era weapons are easily available to the kids by illegal means. They buy these weapons through such means and use them in schools.
  • Strain and anxiety- there are chances that the person can become violent because of stress and anxiety. Kids are under the constant stress due to studies and career so the chances of becoming violent are more if they have stress and anxiety.
  • Media effect- lots of violence is being showed in films and televisions. Kids are watching these programs and films and in turn they are becoming violent. They see violent scenes in TV and films like the use of knives and guns for killing other people and practice them in their life too.
  • Group effect- kids tend to become violent if they are the part of the group in which all members are violent. If their friends are violent and showing violence in school then they will learn the same thing and they will also communicate aggressively in school.
  • Lack of counselling- if a teenager is not given appropriate counseling and proper love and warmth then the chances of becoming brutal are more.
  • No supervision in difficulties- if no supervision has been provided during difficulties then they tend to become aggressive. They are incapable to resolve problems on their own and this drives them crazy.