What Are Relative Pronouns?

A relative pronoun is a pronoun used to mark a relative clause, and having the same referent as the element of the main clause (usually a noun or noun phrase). Relative Pronouns are used to add more information to a sentence. Which, that, who (including whom and whose) and where are all relative pronouns.

Relative Pronouns:

Relative Pronouns
The Use of the Relative Pronouns:


  •  I cannot see the man who witnesses the crime.  “Who” links this clause to “man”.
  •   I do have Sarah Atkinson, who troubled the class, in my office.  “Who” links this clause to “Sarah Atkinson”.
  •  Please take the Routers that crashed to the networks technical Department. “That” links this clause to “routers”.
  •   If only I were a poet, in the Enlightenment era when intellectuals ruled the society.  “When” links this clause to “era”.