A common noun labels a general person, place or thing.


  • I went to the university.
  • The head teacher was courteous.

A proper noun labels a specific person, place, or thing. Always capitalise the first letter of a proper noun.


  • I went to Morocco.
  • Ms Davis was cunning.

Proper Vs Common:

Proper nouns are nouns belonging to the class of words used as names for unique individuals, events, or places. A proper noun or proper name is a noun representing unique entities (such as Earth, India, Jupiter, Harry, or BMW).


  • Michael Jackson
  • Mr. Hopkins
  • Eminem
  • Morocco
  • United States of America
  • Oxford University

Common nouns:

Common nouns are which describe a class of entities (such as city, animal, planet, person or car). A common noun is a noun that can be preceded by the definite article and that represents one or all of the members of a class.


  • student
  • mechanic
  • cookies
  • bread
  • city
  • restaurant
  • book
  • pencil