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A shape is the form of an item or its outside limit, layout, or outer surface, rather than different properties, for example, colour, composition, material creation.

Shopping: How much is it? How much does it cost? 0


Shopping: How much is it? Who says shopping isn’t easy? It can be as confusing as the final exams. Here are some useful phrases you may need when shopping for clothes.

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Colour is the part of things that is brought about by contrasting characteristics of light being reflected or transmitted by them. To see colour, you need to have light. At the point when light sparkles on...

How Old Are You? 0

How Old Are You?

When meeting new people the first thing we need to do is break the ice, this means to start a conversation with someone for the first time when you are probably both feeling a little shy....

Where Are You From? 0

Where Are You From?

Where are you from? Where do you come from? What is your nationality? All these are Questions we ask to know a person’s homeland, identity and origins. It’s a part of the ritual of making friends....

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Introduce People

  How to Introduce People? What is the proper way to Introduce People to each other? It is an important social skill that you should work out and refine. Luckily, knowing how to introduce people...


Introduce Yourself

Introducing oneself or people can cause quite a bit of nervousness. It is both a personal and professional communication skill that is needed in our daily life. Do you want to introduce yourself? So...