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Eating habits

When talking about your eating habits we refer to why and how you eat, which food you eat, and with whom you eat, as well as where you obtain, how you store, use, and discard your food. And above all,...

School Objects 0

School Objects

This is an illustrated list of vocabulary items related to school objects. School objects or what we may call classroom components vary depending on the school, the region and the continent.

Family 0

My Family

What is family? Generally speaking, a family or what some people tend to call kin and relatives; are individuals who are related to you either by blood or adoption and marriage. Call them whatever you...

Human Body: human body parts in English for beginners 0

Human Body

Let’s discover the human body. The human body is the whole construction of a human life form and includes a head, neck, torso, two arms and two legs. The human body is an amazing machine par excellence.

Feelings and Emotions: Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary with examples for beginners 0

Feelings and Emotions

Talking about Feelings and Emotions.  Everybody feels. Today I feel happy. Today I feel sad. Today I feel frustrated. For young students, though, emotions can be difficult to teach because they are so intangible.


First Day at School Experiences

Too dear to be forgotten! This is the sentence that comes to my mind when someone asks me: “Do you remember your first day at school?” My classmates laughter, my teachers smile and explanations, my exams, my grades, my prizes,...