Knowledge is power, power is peace, peace is happiness. Our children are the nation’s future and heritage. Educated children means a wealthy heritage and a bright future. Otherwise, it’s going to be  the apocalypse.
knowledge is light but ignorance is shame. Why do our children run away from
schools? What does it mean knowledge is power?

A nation that has a high number of dropping out is a dying nation. The nation’s young people are its future workers, citizens, and leaders. Education and knowledge remains the chief tool by which people become strong. Dropping out of school is one of the most difficult challenges in education. The fact that a large number of students never complete their education has a negative impact on the economic outlook.

Education and knowledge


Children drop out of school for many reasons. The distance which separate school from home can be a cause for dropping out of school. Poverty can push students for giving up education since school charges are expensive. Family problems can also be an obstacle in front of their scholarship. Education ameliorates people’s live. It enhances their self esteem, their ability to learn new things which will help them develop their knowledge, and the ability to cope with the majority of the society. children to drop out of school. And the list is so long and sad. What shall we do?

Stop talking nonsense. Time to react!