Introducing oneself or people can cause quite a bit of nervousness. It is both a personal and professional communication skill that is needed in our daily life. Do you want to introduce yourself? So what to do? And what makes a good introduction?

Universal words and phrases you can use to introduce yourself:

To greet people, you may say:

  • Hi or hello (Less formal and friendlier).
  • Good morning
  • Good afternoon
  • Good evening
  • Good night

To introduce yourself, you may say:

  • I am Susan Bourne.
  • My name is Susan Bourne.
  • My first name is Susan and my last name is Bourne.

Here are some expressions of courtesy:

  • Nice to meet you.
  • Happy to meet you.
  • Good to meet you.
  • Pleased to meet you.
  • It’s my pleasure.