Let’s introduce people!

Introducing people is a social skill that we need to work out and refine. Luckily, with practice we ace in it. So, let’s meet and introduce people. But do you know how to introduce people?

 Here is how to introduce people successfully:

  • You should first introduce the‘lesser-ranking’ (socially, professionally, by age or seniority) to the ‘higher-ranking’ people. 
  • Proper manners rules say that men should get up when being introduced to women, women should stand up when being introduced to older women. 
  • You say the name of the person being introduced to. 
  • You state “I would like to introduce” or, “please meet” or, “this is,”. 
  • You state the name of the person being introduced. 
  • Finally, You can offer more details to the one or to the other depending on the circumstances. 
When introducing people of equal seniority or status, you may introduce any person to the other. If you have forgotten someone’s name, it is more gracious and less uncomfortable to simply admit the fact than to avoid an introduction.

Remember: Remember that you role in introducing two people is to clarify the basics of who each person is, and any relationship they have to you. There are rules to respect and priorities to bear in mind, but nothing is hard.