Can you imagine your life without humour? Absolutely not. It would be bleak and dark.  Just for a second imagine your life without those winks of fun and pleasure, how will you feel? Surely, dreadful is the proper answer! Humour is the salt and the sugar of life.

What is humour? Its effect on our daily life? Its impact on the learning process?

Humour, those crazy jokes and funny moment that make me explode in laughter from the bottom of my heart, makes all the fears of life seem meaningless. Thanks to humour all the big problems seem small and stupid. Humour can be an effective tool in teaching. Most educators think that humoعr at class divert students away from their lessons. While others believe that the use of “humour” in classrooms improves classroom atmosphere, increases pleasure, reduces student’s anxiety.


Using humour effectively can help teachers do their work: engage students and activate learning. Moreover, it improves many social skills. Last but not the least; Humour has the power of changing people’s lives. Therefore it is not strange to see that many psychotherapists would suggest patients with the ‘laughter therapy’ even though it is an informal way of treatment. Thus, it remains one of the most successful and it’s crystal clear the best remedy to all the pains in the world.