English language is rich of words for describing people. In this lesson we will learn how to describe a person, his/her personality and his/her physical appearance. You’re a bit lost. You don’t know how to start your description. It’s OK! Don’t stress out. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be alright!

1/ An Overall View Of The Person:

Start with a general brush up. The eye-catching stuff. Start from the Top. Check out the most dominating trait of the body.

2/Then you get specific:

It can be the ’Face Shape’, ’Skin and Complexion’, ’The Eyes’, ’Mouth and Lips’ or ’The hair’.

3/Finally, you can talk about the ’Clothing’:

What is he/she like?



To ask about people’s physical appearance, we say: What does she look like?

To ask about people´s character, we say: What is she like?

To ask about people’s interests, we say: What does she like doing?


Attractive, good-looking, beautiful, handsome, pretty, cute, nice; plain, plain-looking, unattractive, ugly; well-dressed, nicely dressed, casually dressed, poorly dressed; neat, clean, untidy, and dirty.


Tall, pretty tall, six feet tall, short, pretty short, average height, medium height, and middle height.

Weight and build:

Thin, quite thin, slim, slender, skinny, medium-build, overweight, fat, strong, muscular, athletic.


dark, fair, black, red, brown, blond, chestnut brown, white, grey,  long, short, medium-length, shoulder-length, straight, curly, wavy, thick, thinning, bald, shiny, smooth, neatly combed, dull, tousled, dishevelled.


Blue, green, grey, brown, light-blue, dark-grey, greyish-blue, dark; big, bright, expressive, With long lashes.


Young, old, middle-aged, twenty years old, in her thirties, about forty.

Active: she likes to play sport or do physical things. Bright: she is intelligent. Cunning: she uses her intelligence secretly/ to get what she wants. Diligent: she is studious. Extroverted: she is very outgoing. She likes to be the centre of attention. Funny: she makes people laugh. Generous: she likes to ‘give’ to help others. Honest: she tells the truth. Imaginative: she has a good imagination. Jealous: (negative) she wants what other people have. She doesn’t like others to succeed. Kind: nice, gentle and helpful. Lazy: (negative) she doesn’t like to work or exercise. She’s happy doing nothing. Moody: (negative) she often becomes angry and unfriendly because she is unhappy. Naughty: usually for (children) her behaviour is bad. Optimistic: she is a positive person and positive about the future. Pessimistic: she is a negative person. She thinks things will end badly. The opposite of optimistic. Quiet: she doesn’t say much. She prefers to listen.  Rude: (negative) she is not polite and she offends people. Sensible: she has good sense and judgement. Thoughtful: she carefully thinks about other people and how to help them. Upbeat: she is positive and in a good mood. Violent: she will hurt you. She is aggressive. Wonderful: she is great! Xenophobic: she dislikes people from foreign countries. She is racist. Youthful: she’s a young heart. Zany: she is a little crazy, but in a fun way.

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