A finite verb (sometimes called main verbs) is a verb that has a subject, this means that it can be the main verb in a sentence. It shows tense (past / present… etc) or number (singular plural).


My brother kicked the ball.
(My brother is the subject – kicked describes what the subject does – kick is a finite verb).
A non-finite verb has no subject, tense or number. The only non-finite verb forms are the infinitive (indicated by to), the gerund or the participle.
1. I work hard to enhance my skills.
Here the non-finite verb is to enhance. It is acting as a noun. These kind of non-finite verbs are called Infinitives.

2. He loves cooking noodles.

Here the non-finite verb is cooking. It is used as a noun. These kind of non-finite verbs are called Gerunds.

3. Titanic movie made me cry.

Here the non-finite verbs that have ‘-ing’ or ‘-ed’ as suffixes and cause the verb to come an adjective are called Participles.