Demonstrative Pronouns are those that identify or point to a thing or things and occasionally persons. This, that, these and those are all demonstrative pronouns.They can be both singular and plural and they refer to nouns that are either nearby or far away in time or space.

Demonstrative  Pronouns:
 This; that; these; those; none and neither are Demonstrative Pronouns that replace nouns when  the nouns they replace can be understood from the context. They also designate whether they are replacing singular or plural words and give the position of the object:

This: singular and near the speaker

That: singular and at a distance from the speaker

These: plural and near the speaker

Those: plural and at a distance from the speaker


  • Do not confound demonstrative pronouns with demonstrative adjectives. They are the same, but a demonstrative pronoun stands alone, while a demonstrative adjective qualifies a noun.


  • That hurts. (demonstrative pronoun)
  • That boy is naughty. (demonstrative adjective + noun)