Cultural values, communally built maxims, which go to the firmness of said culture. Some examples of cultural values are: commandments and courtesy. In more spiritual cultures god and religion could be considered value to said culture.

It includes beliefs, behaviours and physical objects that create a people’s way of life. People create their culture, and this culture in turn shapes their behaviour. The person can be pushed to adjust/make more flexible/enhance or even change and forget about his fixed values as life conditions change (space and place).
Been narrow minded, racist or archaic doesn’t solve a thing. Rather than that it complicates your life, but been tolerant, open minded, extrovert and flexible, opens up all the doors in front of you, gives you the opportunity to identify yourself, your weak and strong spots in comparison with other cultures. When you share with a margin of tolerance and acceptance of the diversity of earth inhabitants, it become easy to survive and live.

Cultural values, at the simplest level, are normally common concepts about what is right, wrong, possible or impossible, true or false and so on. The individual should be flexible, and capable of adopting the cultural values of many societies in the world.