Collective nouns:

They are words that refer to groups consisting of more than one person or entity, even when they are inflected for the singular. A collective noun is normally a noun that indicates a collection of persons or things regarded as a unit.


  • Pride of lions
  • Gaggle of geese
  • Colony of penguins
  • Army of ants
  • Family of lions
  • Pack of wolves

Possessive nouns: 

They are words that refer to the ownership of something. In other words, A possessive noun is a noun that names who or what has something. In general, for singular nouns to show that possession, we add an apostrophe and an a (‘s). For plural nouns we simply an apostrophe except for those few plural nouns that do not end in (s).


  • Peter’s bike
  • God’s creatures
  • Catherine’s jacket
  • Adele’s song
  • Family’s heritage
  • Children’ s care
  • Cluster’s chief