Who doesn’t dream of being a bright wordsmith.Writing easier and faster.Writing is an Art. Writing is Love. Writing is a Pleasure. Writing is YOU and I.


  1. Risk your life in the first line.
  2. Don’t pretend
  3. write a lot.
  4. Read a lot.
  5. Break the laws of physics.
  6. Make all the weird things your normal routine.
  7. Sharpen your weapons.
  8. Don’t hurt anyone.
  9. Invite your readers to give up their schedule and follow your lines
  10. Don’t be afraid of what people think.
  11. For the next ten things you write, tell people something that nobody knows. 
  12. Have a shocking title.
  13. Relate to people.
  14. Risk. 
  15. Be cool.
  16.  By hook or crook! Do not let your reader yawn or run away.
  17. K.i.s.s “keep it simple stupid” 
  18. use a lot of periods.
  19. Deliver value with every sentence. 
  20. Take what everyone thinks and explore the opposite. 
  21. The last lines need to go boom in your readers minds.