The dilemma of “brain drain” appears to have gained wide interest in the late 1960’s and it has long intrigued governments of the world when growth in the movement of highly skilled people from developing to developed countries accelerated.

How extensive is the “brain drain,” and which countries are most strongly affected by it? brain drain

What are the causes? the consequences? and the possible solutions? these are the questions we may ask ourselves.


Because of poverty, lack of opportunity,  wars and sometimes the TRAVELLING ABROAD FAKE DREAM, many people leave their homelands towards rich countries leaving behind their beloved people with sorrows and melancholy with some coins in their pockets, their diplomas in their hands and the dream of a better life in their heart.


The brain drain from developing countries has been lamented for many years. Studies proved that brain drain reduces the economic growth rate of these countries. It generally hurts the non-emigrants through the static income-distributional effects and the dynamic damage on economic growth.


Low salaries and inefficient and working conditions can be considered to be motivating factors towards countries brain drain. Political instability in home countries makes people to loose confidence in their governments and future prospects for a better life. These are individuals who may have difficulties because of their ethnic, cultural, religion belongings or being a member of opposition political groupings in their home countries.

Many scholars who have been sent abroad for further studies or who are once out in one way or another, remain abroad leaving their family and workplace behind with the hope that a better life can be achieved elsewhere, despite their well being at home. 


developing countries economic prospects and competitiveness suffer awfully. It reduces the number of dynamic and creative people who can contribute to the development of their country. Likewise, with more entrepreneurs taking their investments abroad,developing countries are missing an opportunity of wealth creation. This has also negative consequences on tax revenue and employment.


Taxes should be imposed the highly qualified people who left their nations; they owe a duty to our motherland, the nation is doing its work by spending huge amount of money on their studies but they are offering nothing in return. the reformation of education system should be an infinity in itself.

       The only solution is so evident, hand in hand the government and the population should improve the education conditions in their homeland to switch the movement from brain drain into brain gain. Good governance at the national and international level. Offering higher wages for `insiders` according to their qualifications. The necessary education qualifications in their home countries, and expanding a better educational infrastructure. The government can choose to spend more on education to reduce the damaging growth effects of brain drain.