Ibtissam Bazi

Trainer at the British School and an EFL Teacher


2007 - Present

Moulay Abd Allah High School Moulay Abd Allah Amghar El Jadida


I love to teach, and I’m known for my fun, relaxed and  engaging teaching style. In the last few years, I've provided training and websites creating for connecting classrooms project. My students and I won the 2012-2013 International School Award.
So, welcome to my world.

2004 - 2007

Allal El Fassi Middle School Lbir Jdid El Jadida

Every learner’s competency and intelligence are unique; and I carry that in mind and heart when dealing with my students. I am dedicated to learning about their personal goals and needs. Together we will use them to build a unique place where EFL students meet to share care and learn together.

About Me


Growing up with a family of teachers, IBTISSAM has been exposed to the art of teaching and monitoring youngsters as long as she can remember.
Her love for English from her early years of childhood, coupled with 13 years spent in teaching in a middle school, inspired her concept for a unique place to learn English: http://topenglishlessons.net/
ENOUGH talking about myself in the third person.
My name's Ibtissam Bazi and I’m an EFL teacher. I have been teaching for over thirteen years now. I always work hard with my students, but sometimes I just write poems or draw caricatures of my dear family.



Bachelor of Arts Degree from Chouaib Eddoukkali University Field Of Study: experimental phonetics


Ecole Française d'Enseignement Technique EFET Specialized Technician at Data Processing Technology and web design


baccalaureate in English Language and Letters


Teaching English 90%
Teaching French 85%
Teaching Arabic 80%
Public Speaking 80%
Managing Online Educational Projects 90%
Data Processing 90%
Photography and Canvas 75%